About Us

What does Kids Kabin do?
Kids Kabin provides regular creative and practical activities to enable personal development.  We provide opportunities for  children and young people from disadvantaged areas to improve their confidence, skills and aspirations.

What is the impact of the work?
Kids who have taken part in Kids Kabin activities have more practical skills, are more confident and are better at developing relationships.  They also have more skills for future employment and have broader horizons.

What are Kids Kabin’s plans for the future?
Kids Kabin is now working in 5 disadvantaged neighbourhoods in Newcastle upon Tyne.  We are looking to continue our work in these neighbourhoods and develop the quality and the impact of the work by:

  • Giving children the opportunity to ‘make a difference’ in their communities by using the skills they have learnt at Kids Kabin.  For example making a bird table for a local care home for elderly people.
  • Giving children the opportunity to share the skills they have learnt with their peers – by learning a new skill and passing it on.
  • Working with other organisations in each neighbourhood to listen to children to find out what is needed and work out how to provide it.

Learning Through Creativity

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