Mission and Ethos

Our mission:

Kids Kabin recognizes the dignity of everyone and aims to contribute to the regeneration of areas of ecomic disadvantage by providing facilities for young people to discover their talents and enhance their skills and sense of self worth by taking part in fun and educational creative activities.

Our Values:

Providing Opportunity for all children to fulfill their own potential, especially those most in need.

Building Respect by creating an atmosphere in which all children, staff, and volunteers respect and care about each other and their wider community.

Exploring Creativity by working together to find creative solutions to local issues.

Our Objectives:

To Run a range of creative workshops in Walker and Cowgate, both in centres and on the streets.

To Develop a series of pop-up workshops to complement the trailer fleet allowing year round, mobile provision and cost effective expansion into Pottery Bank, Byker, and Daisy Hill.

To Link the practical to the digital, introducing a range of digital initiatives to enhance our work.

To Build capacity within communities by training parents and residents to deliver the activities and provide lasting impact.

Learning Through Creativity

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