Street Sessions

In 2007, we had been running activities in the new Kids Kabin building for 5 years.  Activities were popular with kids and we had a great staff and volunteer team.  However, as we spoke to children from further afield, we began to realise that many kids cannot get to Kids Kabin, because it is too far away, they aren’t allowed to go or they don’t know about it.

Therefore we decided to put a set of bike repair tools and some parts into a trailer, go and set up on a street corner and see what happened.  We had immediate success!  Bikes were pulled out of nettle patches and sheds and the kids demanded us to return the next day with other parts and tools.

We then started thinking what else could be made mobile and we soon had a mobile kitchen, pottery workshop and a smoothie making bike alongside the bike repair trailer.

These street workshops are hugely popular, giving kids fun tasters of all sorts of activities.  Parents and friends come to see what is going on and often can’t help taking part themselves!

Learning Through Creativity

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