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International Volunteer

Francesca, a first class graduate of environmental biology at Yaba College of Technology in Lagos, is from Imo State in Nigeria.  She has work experience ranging from sales, management and ICT.


With experience ranging from sales to management and information and computer technology (ICT), she is self-motivated and passionate about giving her best to the society because she believes 'a child of many parents is one of resounding success'.

Francesca has many creative and practical skills including cooking, bead-making, knitting, sewing, shoe making, bag making, and hair styling to mention but a few. She also enjoys travelling and networking, which is why coming to Kids Kabin in UK is exciting for her.


Driven by creativity and a drive to help others, Francesca will be helpin out at Kids Kabin Middlesbrough, where she'll use her skills to help our young members make beautiful memories through videos and event photography.


She said: "I'm excited about Kids Kabin because it's a learning ground to enable me to add more feathers to my cap. Life is about giving and sharing, and I'd like my name to be remembered in the sands of time at Kids Kabin."


Francesca Ugoh

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