Local Partnerships

Local Networks

Kids Kabin sees partnership work as central to creating effective support and opportunities for children and young people.   In each community where Kids Kabin works, the team collaborates with other organisations to share good practice and develop new activities.  Local partnerships include the Walker Workers and the Byker Children and Young People’s Partnership.

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Community Led Projects

Having seen Kids Kabin street workshops in action in the summer of 2018, parents and residents in Byker, Newcastle, started to run a series of themed activity days.  They are engaging other families, local businesses, the local housing trust and the Kids Kabin team to deliver activities and are thinking about how they can do more for the children and young people in their neighbourhood.  We hope to promote this sort of approach in other communities.

Creative Education Partnerships

Local schools visit Kids Kabin to work with volunteers to bring the curriculum alive.  Teachers and volunteers design cookery, pottery, woodwork, arts and crafts projects to give children new ways of thinking about their topics – for example, World War 1, Ancient Egypt, The Elizabethans.  Kids Kabin also responds to requests from schools to find creative and practical solutions to their needs – including training children to maintain the nursery’s tricycles or building bird feeders or boxes for their nature garden.


“The children learn really important skills such as sewing, cookery and woodwork that we don’t have the facilities to teach in school. These are things that will come in really useful in real life.”

Hannah Cruddas, Teacher at Tyneview Primary School