Kids Kabin runs a wide range of creative and practical workshops – including pottery, woodwork, cookery, arts, crafts, glasswork, fabric design, drama and bike maintenance.  These activities run in community centres but also from a fleet of mobile trailer workshops.  This flexibility allows children and young people from all neighbourhoods to take part.

Step 1 - Engaging

Children take part in street workshops.

Children visit Kids Kabin with school for creative curriculum workshops.

Children see Kids Kabin workshops at community events.


Step 2 - Enabling

Children learn creative and practical skills.

Children develop these skills as they progress on to centre based sessions.

Children practice these skills by helping and teaching their friends and neighbours.

Step 3 - Sharing

Parents and families work with children to design community activity programmes.

Children share their skills to benefit their communities.


Children share their skills internationally through a network of global volunteers.


"Everything I've done today - has been something I've done for the first time - pottery, woodwork and glue gun modelling."