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Tyler's Story

Tyler first came to Kids Kabin when she was eight. She'd been told about Kids Kabin by her older cousin who already took part and she "was really excited when I finally turned eight". 

Tyler says she was shy when she first came to Kids Kabin, having not been to any other clubs or groups on her own before. Then she explains how her experience in drama activities helped her build confidence: “When I first came I was really shy, I didn’t like to get involved; I just sat in the corner and did my own thing. Then I started taking part in drama at Kids Kabin, playing improvisation games and it really helped me develop my confidence and social skills. Drama also really helped with my imagination. I went on to do summer schools at the Theatre Royal – I wouldn’t have done this without Kids Kabin giving me the confidence.”

As her confidence increased, Tyler began to develop new skills in a variety of different activities at Kids Kabin. She became very interested in woodwork and art. She also describes a poetry project she did. These experiences have had a significant impact on her achievements at school and on her aspirations for the future: “I was able to develop skills that I wouldn't have got elsewhere. I was heavily involved in woodwork. I took it on at GCSE and got the highest score in my year in Resistant Materials. Being at Kids Kabin gave me a really good headstart. It definitely helped. The teacher was really impressed with my skills and was surprised that I knew which saw to use for different things. I also enjoyed art. It helped me broaden my imagination. We did a poetry thing. I wrote a story and I really loved it. Now I’m writing a novel, a play and I’m going to be an English teacher.”

When she reached the age of 12, Tyler decided to become a young volunteer at Kids Kabin and share the skills she had learned with other children. Recently she has returned to Kids Kabin as an adult volunteer and designed and coordinated a summer play which she wrote herself. She thinks that her involvement with Kids Kabin and her volunteering has really helped her successfully apply to university.

“A big reason I got to university was Kids Kabin. They asked a lot about Kids Kabin and about all the extra stuff I was doing. Kids Kabin helped with job interviews, and with talking to people.” 

Tyler has completed a degree at the University of York St. John, studying English Language and Literature, and is now working as a Special Educational Needs specialist and education consultant with First Call Teacher.

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"Drama also really helped with my imagination. I went on to do Summer Schools at the Theatre Royal - I wouldn't have done this without Kids Kabin."


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