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Paul's Story

13 years old, Kids Kabin Cowgate

Kenton School pupil Paul, aged 13, has been coming to Kids Kabin’s weekly sessions in Cowgate since he was eight years old and found out about the charity from the cousin of a friend who lives nearby. He’s now hoping to become a young volunteer, having become a particularly good woodworker, making a special chair for his younger brother, who has spina bifida.


Mum Sarah said she was a little dubious about him attending at first. She explains: “The stuff Paul has made and done there – I’m so proud, and it’s really boosted his confidence. He was a bit of a loner really and never used to come out of his bedroom much. Now you can’t keep him away from Kids Kabin and he gets on with people much better.


“He loves to show people what to do. He’s even shown his 17-year-old sister how to cook and his seven-year-old sister is now desperate to go to Kids Kabin too.”


We asked Paul a few questions:


What have you learnt from being at Kids Kabin?

I have learnt so many things from Kids Kabin that I now use in day to day life like manners and respecting others.


I’ve learnt how to do so much in woodwork like bird boxes planters etc and how to work equipment like power drills, sews, hand tools. I feel I am really confident in woodwork now and I feel I am able to help younger kids who attend my session.


What have been your highlights?

My highlights are definitely the camps I’ve taken part in. My first camp with Kids Kabin was a bike camp (Birkheads) which was class but hard work cycling home. I loved playing the lantern game with the rest of the kids in the dark; it was really good!


My second camp was to Seahouses which was a big test for me as it was two whole nights away from my Xbox but I really enjoyed it was mint going to the park and museum and stuff. I was also helping out in the kitchen. I made friends with new kids who I didn’t really talk to but lived close by. I met them through this trip as it was a mix from the early and late session at St Peters.


What are your plans for the future at Kids Kabin and afterwards?

I’d love to become a young volunteer which I have spoken to Will and Beccy about in the past.


I just love coming along and doing the activities and helping out others as much as I can. Hopefully when I leave school to get a job I'd like to be involved in something where I'm working with wood and building.

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"I'd love to become a young volunteer, I just love coming along and doing the activities and helping out others as much as I can."


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