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Blue Monday – the most depressing day of the year. Really? Not at Kids Kabin…

Today, the third Monday in January, is often labelled ‘Blue Monday’, the most depressing day of the year. So if you are feeling a little down, here are a few examples of how children and young people just can’t help being positive, creative and thoughtful.

1. The Friday bike fixers – Every Friday afternoon in January a group of young mechanics are fixing up unused bikes and giving them to children who haven’t got one.

A peek inside the bike repair shop.

2. The thoughtful woodworkers - A group of Kids Kabin members have responded to a request from their teacher – to make a reading area in their classroom. They have sawn, screwed, nailed, sanded and painted for two weeks to make a three-person reading chair.

Year 5 students from Tyneview Primary School designed and built this bench. This is what it looked before they painted it white.

3. The international chefs – Having been introduced to Lithuanian Pancakes via Skype from Austėja, a group of young chefs are designing a local recipe to share back… watch this space for Geordie-Lithuanian fusion cuisine!


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23 gen 2019

Very impressive projects kids! Way to go!

Mi piace
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