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Home creativity kits – supporting hundreds of families thanks to the Sage Foundation

Over the last seven weeks, Kids Kabin staff and volunteers have put together weekly activity packs to help children keep busy and creative during lockdown.

These have been delivered to families by volunteers and through schools. Parents and children have told us how much they’ve enjoyed the range of activities – making clay models, planting seeds, trying fabric and wool projects and practicing origami, and you can see some photos on our Facebook page.

A parent recently said: “Thank you so much for the craft activities over the last month. The kids really look forward to them every week and we love working together on the crafts.”

Parents have also explained that they’d really like the activities to last for longer and for there to be more of them. So, thanks to the generous support of the Sage Foundation, we’ve been able to make this happen.

The Sage Foundation has supported Kids Kabin with a grant to create 300 home creativity kits. The kits are made up of a range of tools, equipment and materials to allow children to create many, many projects rather than just one.

The pilot phase of the project will see 25 woodwork, 25 cookery and 25 fabric kits created and delivered to homes. Based on the feedback from families on these, another 200 kits will be adapted and made. Additional ideas for kits we’re looking at include those for bike mechanics, painting and gardening.

The Sage Foundation is also giving us extra help with ideas and inspiration. As part of its Big Day In family volunteering day this Friday (May 15th), Sage employees and their families are going to try a range of simple woodwork, fabric and baking projects and send us photos and videos of their creations. We’ll then share these with children and families on a weekly basis to inspire them with new ideas for how they can use their home creativity kits.

We know the importance of creative and practical activities in helping people feel positive at difficult times – so a BIG THANK YOU to the team at Sage for their support with this new initiative.

Tag us on social media or send us a message through Facebook or email with your pictures and videos; it may give other kids and families some great ideas and inspiration.


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