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Show some L.O.V.E this Small Charity Week

Updated: Jun 20

Next week (June 24th-28th) is a cause for celebration as we do our bit at Kids Kabin to foster resilient charities for stronger communities - not just our own but all over the region and indeed the country.

A graphic asking all to celebrate the big achievements of small charities

As part of this year's Small Charity Week, which campaigns annually to recognise the huge impact made by 96 per cent of all charities, those whose income each year is less than £1m, we have a small ask of all of our members, followers, supporters and their friends, family and colleagues; join in with the celebration by raising awareness of the essential roles that all small charities play in the communities in which they work, as well as the incredible donors and volunteers that support them.

So, whether by sharing a link to this blog post or inviting someone to follow us on Facebook, X (formerly Twitter) or LinkedIn, please let someone new know about us, and all of our amazing charity partners in the North East region.

A graphic stating that small charities are also mighty

We are so proud to collaborate with such a fantastic number of organisations, all of us working together towards our collective mission - a big thank you to each and every one of them for being our partners and our champions over the last 30 years.

Small charities like Kids Kabin have a few things in common with the children and young people we support - we are small, but have a big impact on those around us, and we are at risk of being overlooked if we're too quiet.

A graphic illustrating that Government funding for small charities has fallen by 20%

So, organisers of Small Charity Week 2024 are asking the public to pledge their support by showing some L.O.V.E for small charities like Kids Kabin in one or more of the following ways:

L – Listen and Learn: "I will learn what small charities do in my neighbourhood"

O – Organise: "I will get my community involved with small charities"

V – Volunteer: "I will support small charities with my time, voice and money"

E – Engage: "I will do a bit more to make my community better"

Like our young members though, at Kids Kabin we are proud to be growing and we know that with your continued support, the future ahead is bright for all of us!

Take part in the discussion online with the hashtags #LoveYourSmallCharity and #SmallCharityWeek2024.


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