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An update on Coronavirus (16th March 2020)

Kids Kabin wishes to keep staff, volunteers, parents and children informed about our response to Coronavirus on an ongoing basis. At present we continue to run our activity programme. However, the situation is changing daily and we will respond to circumstances and government advice. As of today, Kids Kabin’s advice is as follows:

Advice on hygiene for all participants – staff and children:

Please follow government advice on hygiene:

- Wash your hands thoroughly, for at least 20 seconds, using soap and warm water.

- Air dry your hands or use disposable hand towels

- Wash your hands-on arrival at any premises and regularly through the day, especially before handling food or eating

- Use disposable tissues and throw these away after use

- Anyone who has a new cough and a temperature must not attend any sessions and should stay ay home for 7 days.

Additional advice for children and families:

- Children and families should follow the hygiene advice mentioned above

- Children attending sessions will wash their hands at the start/end of every activity and before/after eating food

- Staff and volunteers will be aware of children’s wellbeing. If a child seems unwell with a cough, a temperature or a fever or other flu like symptoms, parents will be contacted and the child should be collected or should leave the session as soon as practicable. The child will be isolated in the meantime to the extent that this is practical without leaving them vulnerable or alone. This position will be explained at the start of every activity session.

Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any concerns or queries.


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