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An update - restarting Kids Kabin workshops

Kids Kabin is restarting face to face workshops from Monday 20th July, 2020. We’re planning to start with small groups of children, working in bubbles in outdoor spaces – such as community gardens and the Kids Kabin back yard in Walker. And even though we’ll be at least two metres apart, sessions will be fun, creative and will allow kids to take part in woodwork, pottery, gardening and art activities.

In each area in which we work - Walker, Cowgate, Byker, Pottery Bank and Daisy Hill - we will have bubbles of 15 children who will then be divided into three groups of five for the individual workshops. Each of these bubbles of 15 will be supported by a member of staff and a volunteer.

Due to the ongoing restrictions around Covid-19, we have to really limit group sizes. However, we hope to be able to offer all Kids Kabin members an opportunity to take part in at least two weeks of workshops during the summer holidays, with two sessions each week.

As numbers are limited and safety guidelines are strict, we will be contacting parents of Kids Kabin members individually to invite them to these sessions.

So, things will look quite different this summer – no camping trips, no street workshops, no big community events in Walker Park! However, we know that kids are amazingly resilient and creative - and they will create many amazing projects and have lots of fun and laughter – even in the most challenging circumstances!


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