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Getting away from it all to bring the team together

Some of Kids Kabin's members on a wild camping adventure
Kids Kabin's staff and volunteers get ready for a paddle

With support from the Tudor Trust, we were recently able to bring everyone from Kids Kabin in both Middlesbrough and Newcastle together for a team building day on the River Wear.

It was great timing for Tyler, one of our newest Assumption Volunteers, as he was able to join us in his first few days at Kids Kabin.

Safety first

We met at the sea cadet centre at Chester-le-Street, and were given a ‘dry’ introduction from our hosts at Alexander Adventures. This meant we could get to grips with stand-up paddling before going in the water.

By the end of the day, Dean-Ross Tinkler, one of our Project Workers based in Middlesbrough managed a complete backflip off his paddleboard, while the rest of us managed back belly flops. Either way it was 25 degrees so we were all happy to cool off in the water, and it was brilliant that some of the team had the chance to try out canoeing as well.

Healthy competition

Although it was a very relaxing day, complete with a lovely barbecue to finish, the highlight had to be the paddle board water football where we competed against each other, passing and scoring goals in and out of the water. And the Middlesbrough team beat Newcastle!

A big thank you to Alexander Adventures for helping create a really happy day!


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