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It's great outdoors - with Kids Kabin!

Since September 2020, we've been running weekly Covid-secure workshops with four primary schools in Walker, Newcastle.

To make sure our workshops continue to be safe for everyone and compliant with changing regulations and guidelines around the pandemic, we made a few changes.

Instead of groups of young people coming to us at the Kids Kabin centre at Church Walk in Walker, we ran sessions in woodland areas on school grounds at Tyneview Primary School, West Walker Primary School, Central Walker CofE Primary School and Walkergate Community School.

This allowed us to get fresh air and exercise, as well as to introduce a new range of bushcraft, woodwork and safe fire skills workshops.

Moving forward, we'll be continuing to run weekly workshops with each school and to develop these sessions in response to ideas from the children and the schools.

Get a flavour of these new workshops by watching the video below.

And to find out more, email us at


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