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Kids Kabin's wild summer!

Some of Kids Kabin's members on a wild camping adventure
Some of Kids Kabin's members on a wild camping adventure

With the last 18 months of lockdown and Covid restrictions, this summer was a good opportunity to start getting out and about again. So we planned six camping trips, one for each of Kids Kabin Newcastle's satellite locations.

A photo of Will Benson of Kids Kabin telling stories round the campfire
Will telling stories round the campfire

Thanks to amazing support from Newcastle University, Rupert’s Wood Project and Birkheads Wild, we managed to take 52 different children on these 'wild' camping trips, where our members had a great time, and learnt loads of survival skills.

But don't take our word for it! Here's what some of our campers had to say:

Liam: "We got hot chocolate in the morning."

Lexi: "The best part was roasting marshmallows. They were crunchy and creamy!"

Emily: "In the morning we felt better than waking up in a proper bed, which is weird!"

Artem: "Everything was just nice."

Photo of Kids Kabin's members climbing a tree
Kids Kabin up a tree!

Tilly and Reina: "Colin did a great job cooking for us."

Tilly: "I liked making a tent; it was the best."

Reina: "At the beginning it wasn’t really fun, but then it was even better."

Jamie: "Everything was very good. I don’t know what was the best part!"

Photo of children on a trail walk with Kids Kabin
Going for a paddle

Matilda: "I most enjoyed sleeping, marshmallows and walking in the woods. I’ve learnt not to turn your light on at night because the bugs will come."

Lola: "The night was cold and scary, but I slept anyway."

Lee: "You shouldn’t go alone in the forest because you might get lost."


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