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Newcastle University Volunteering Fair 2019

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

A big thanks to Go Volunteer at Newcastle University for inviting Kids Kabin to the Volunteer Fair on Wednesday 13th February during their 2019 Student Volunteer Week.

Kids Kabin was on campus at the Venue along with 30+ local charities, organisations and Go Volunteer Projects. Current volunteers and staff chatted with students studying a variety of degrees, all with an interest in giving back to the community. Showing their hands-on approach, the Kids Kabin table offered a taste of their street sessions by bringing along a woodcarving project and cake decorating. It was fantastic to meet so many interested and committed student volunteers!

Kids Kabin volunteers run many creative workshops for hundreds of children across Newcastle each year. These volunteers give us the capacity to give children and young people individual support when they need it and the opportunity to try exciting and challenging activities such as as woodwork, glasswork, cookery, and bike mechanics.

Kids Kabin volunteers also learn important skills and gain experience which they take on in their lives and work. A former international volunteer, Queenie, recalls what she learned:

"I love the woodwork sessions at Kids Kabin. As a former volunteer from the Philippines, it was a skill that I acquired that I shared to my students up to this time. It has been 5 years since I left and the practical skills that I gained from my training are helpful in everyday life. "

Kids Kabin has a great team of volunteers - including international volunteers (currently from the USA, Lithuania, and the Philippines), local residents who used to come to Kids Kabin when they were children, students, and professionals.

As Kids Kabin grows, we are looking for more committed and energetic volunteers. Please get in touch if you're interested.


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