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We do like to be beside the sea...

Our first half-term trip of the year was very successful as the team led a group of 10 children on a three-day trip to Seahouses, thanks to a generous donor.

After a scenic bus journey up the eastern coast, we jumped right into activities with a trip to the beach. The cold weather did not stop some of us from enjoying the sea, while others enjoyed playing in the sand, collecting seashells and skipping rocks. After a delicious supper of bolognese, the staff and kids enjoyed a night of board games, hot chocolate and biscuits before it was time to rest up for a busy day ahead.

Keeping active

Day two began with pancakes and packing lunches for the day. Afterwards, while one group headed to a swimming pool in Berwick, the other enjoyed a picturesque walk along the beach to beautiful Bamburgh Castle, where we met the swimming group for lunch.

After lunch, those that went on the walk had the chance to go swimming, while those that went swimming enjoyed the walk back to the hostel. During the walk, we explored rock pools, collected seashells and other sea creatures, and ran up and down the sand dunes.

Grub and games

When we arrived back to the hostel, staff and kids played hide-and-seek before it was time for each of us to make pizza. After dinner, the group enjoyed a night of movies, board games, and marshmallows roasted over an outdoor fire, made with driftwood collected during our walks to the beach.

Our third and final day in Seahouses began with breakfast and packing up before we played 'human bingo' and gave out certificates of achievement, recognising each person for their own unique accomplishments made during the trip.

Afterwards, the kids got to share their favourite activities and memories from the trip, and then we packed up the bus and said farewell to the hostel. During the bus ride home, the kids had a chance to sing songs and enjoy the journey before we arrived back in Newcastle, concluding our fantastic trip to Seahouses.

Here's a film made by our members at Kids Kabin Middlesbrough to show you more.

What the kids thought

Jack: "The trip was good because I got to play a lot of board games with my friends. The best part was roasting marshmallows, and I liked the castle too!"

Tilly: "It was good. I liked swimming and the back garden here is cool because it’s massive. I made a new friend, Harry, but if you're coming here next year, bring blankets!"

Aya, Tia and Gracie: "It was amazing, the best! The pool was great. We liked going to the deep and playing with our friends.

"We learned how to better swim and many new games. Tyler taught us a song and we love it; we can sing for the whole day."


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