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Getting to know...Vicky

Vicky Kay is our Project Development Worker in Middlesbrough, having been involved almost since it began in 2019. In this blog post, she explains how she came across the organisation and a little about her job.

"I heard about Kids Kabin from a friend and from my initial conversation with the Middlesbrough Project Manager Sue, I knew this was where I wanted to work.

"I believe the children we work with deserve every opportunity to explore and create in a safe, happy, positive environment and this is what Kids Kabin provides."

A day in the life of Kids Kabin Middlesbrough

"We start the day with some planning and preparation until the children arrive after school. Each session is different, but typically consists of lots of crafts, woodwork and pottery, and finishes with a healthy snack and a game.

"I enjoy working closely with the children and encouraging them to try new things. I love that the children can all find something that they excel in and can experience things that they might not experience elsewhere. I like the fact that a group of individuals can complete the same task but the end result can be so different. I also love that arts and craft can be a sensory experience. The process is more important than the end product."

Next steps at Kids Kabin Middlesbrough

"It can be a challenge to keep children engaged in sessions once they're in secondary school, so we're looking to provide some specific sessions just for those older children, with more age appropriate activities and potentially more discussions around health and wellbeing related topics they face on a daily basis.

"Being able to make even just a small difference to the lives of the children we work with makes my job very rewarding and worthwhile. I hope we can come through the pandemic and continue to grow and thrive. The sense of community is so strong in the areas in which we work, so I hope we can become a long-term fixture for more local children and their families."


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