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How Tyne and Tees came together for our trip to the sea

Kids Kabin's annual visit to Seahouses in Northumberland is something we all look forward to, and this year it was extra special as it was our first joint trip with kids and staff from both Newcastle and Middlesbrough.

With 12 members from Newcastle and 10 from Middlesbrough, it was our biggest group yet, and having never met before, we expected there may be some friendly rivalry between our Tyne and Tees tribes.

We weren't surprised to hear some members claim they couldn't understand the others' accents. And while there was some hesitation to mingle, all the kids soon discovered how easy it is to make friends.

"I'm eight," one said excitedly; "I'm eight too! When's your birthday?". So after only a few hours on the beach, things quickly turned around.

Food, fun and the freezing North Sea!

Our two groups were soon attached at the hip, with one of the girls proudly exclaiming "the Newcastle kids say my accent sounds posh!"

The girls also tirelessly begged to share the massive room with 10 bunk beds, but eventually had to be separated so the staff could get some sleep!

We crammed a lot in to our time at the coast, including painting, games like mini-golf, pizza-making, swimming, rockpooling, and visits to both Bamburgh and McDonald's!

Forever friends

Overall, the trip was a huge success as you can see from our slideshow of photos, and even the kids from different areas of Newcastle made lasting connections, making plans to meet once we all got home.

"We're gonna go to Byker just to hang out!", one of the boys shared, while putting his arm around his new friend.

By the end of our stay, the kids realised the many things they all had in common — a love of swimming, playing Uno, and eating fish and chips!

Want to hear more about our future trips?

Follow us at Kids Kabin on Facebook to hear more about what we do. With the school summer holidays fast approaching, we have many camps and outdoor activities coming up, so stay tuned!

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