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Meet Sasha, one of our international volunteers

In the midst of a global pandemic, Sasha Frantsuzov arrived in the North East from Saransk in Russia in November last year through Assumption Volunteers.

Over the last six months at Kids Kabin, the linguistics graduate has built on his time volunteering for an education support charity in the Czech Republic by helping us adapt through Covid-19.

When asked what the biggest challenge for him has been, aside from navigating a new city and the geordie dialect, he said: "Probably adapting to the changing circumstances because of Covid. It's difficult to start something new when there's no stable system.

"But it's different now we're running more sessions, because before we were only able to do delivery packs and online sessions. I enjoy the sessions at the moment and running more sessions in person where I do different activities with the children.

"Our group is wonderful and it is easy to work with people here."

Sasha is hoping his time at Kids Kabin will help him decide what he wants to do in his future career, but for now, he's loving the opportunity to volunteer in a new place. He's especially looking forward to Covid restrictions allowing Kids Kabin camping trips to resume, as being out in nature is one of his favourite things to do.

He said: "I started camping when I was 15 and had no knowledge before I tried it. I was completely fascinated because it's a kind of state of freedom – you're alone and just rely on yourself."

Find out more about Sasha and our other volunteers on the Kids Kabin team page.


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