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No chance of radio silence at Kids Kabin

Huge thanks to Tilly Sleator and Richard Finch at Radio Tyneside who once again featured Kids Kabin on the airwaves earlier this month.

On May 5th, an interview with none other than our Chief Executive Will Benson, along with international volunteer Sari Suplido, was played on Richard's tea-time show so that more people across the region can understand what we get up to at Kids Kabin.

Sari, who joined us from The Philippines, talked about how she has grown in skills and confidence along with the young people that attend our sessions. Talking of what means the most to her about working at Kids Kabin, she said it's about,"giving them a space to feel comfortable, a space to feel safe."

The team were also able to highlight the opening of our new kitchen and all the great things that have happened since the space was completed earlier this year, about which Sari said: "To quote one of the kids, it looks like it's straight out of The Great British Bake Off!"

But in case you missed it, the Radio Tyneside team has been kind enough to share with us to full 22-minute interview, which you can listen to right here!

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