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Strength in numbers at Kids Kabin

Working in partnership is key to everything we do at Kids Kabin. This feeds into one of our core values – opportunity, as collaboration leads to opportunity.

So it won't surprise you that we're one of seven voluntary sector organisations across Newcastle working together to support the young people of our neighbourhoods.

All of us in the partnership, which includes the Bostey, Patchwork, West End Women and Girls Centre, Northbourne Youth Initiative, D2 Youth Project, and North Benwell Youth Project, are community-based and 100 per cent committed to creating and delivering long-term support for our children and young people.

Thanks to recent support from three funders – the Ballinger Charitable Trust, the LGA Foundation and the Sir James Knott Trust – we were able to come together to deliver 1,000 winter wellbeing packs across communities in Newcastle where they were most needed.

That project was the first of many, and we continue to support one another's work, promote our work together, share our practice and learn from each other.

Watch the video below, which is one of two that can also be found on our YouTube channel, to find out more.


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