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The day we welcomed Chris Ramsey for Children in Need

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Recently we welcomed a very special visitor to Kids Kabin in Walker - one of this year's BBC Children in Need hosts, Chris Ramsey!

You can watch what Chris got up to, including learning how to re-gear his bike, painting with tape, pottery, and understanding exactly how much sauce you should put on a pizza, at

Your donations really do mean the world, and we're very fortunate to be one of the many, many causes being supported by Children in Need.

Chris appeared on Lorraine on ITV this morning (November 18th) and talked about his time at Kids Kabin ahead of tonight's BBC Children in Need show, which he's co-hosting from 7pm on BBC One.

The segment starts around 9.10am for anyone that wants to see it on catch up :)

Thank you to Chris for getting stuck in and helping to highlight what we do here. To support us, visit

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